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Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. is your premiere investigative services company providing world class services in a wide range of investigative and legal matters. We can service any client needs and our expert investigators can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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We provide consistent results and superior customer service to our clients. Lakefront Investigations,Ltd. understands the needs and sensitivity of our clients and we are committed to helping you obtain the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Here at Lakefrontinvestigations.com we are, above all, your trusted private investigator and ally that you can count on anytime you need help.

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Not all of our services are listed as we can always accommodate our client's special circumstances however here is a list of common services our firm provides:

Background Checks, Birth Parents/Adoption, Civil and Criminal Record Checks, Corporate Investigations, Child Custody, Insurance Fraud, Leaks, Legal Services, Missing Persons, Surveillance, Electronic Debugging (TSCM), Infidelity, Residency Investigations, Stalking, Suspicious Activity, Theft and Shrinkage, Worker's Compensation Fraud

We can also help with any unique situation you might have, just give us a call.

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