Stalking and Harassment Investigations

Chicago and Illinois Stalker Investigation Services

A stalker is an individual who illegally follows and watches someone over a prolonged period of time. Stalking is a very serious problem that can have a very negative effect on a person’s mental well-being and sense of security. Stalkers may spy on, harass and even intimidate their victims.

According to many psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as criminal investigators, stalkers persist in their aggressive and unethical – not to mention criminal – behavior due to the fact that such activities bring them extreme pleasure and satisfaction. Trying to avoid a stalker can be extremely draining, both financially and emotionally. Stalking can take a toll on the victim’s quality of life.  Stalking can take multiple forms, including, but not limited to, cyberstalking, intimate stalking, family member stalking, group stalking, or celebrity stalking.

There are likely ten of thousands of stalking cases that the police are not aware of, because the victims oftentimes do not report the stalker and continue to be victims of this abuse.  Even in the fraction of reported cases, quite often there is little that the police can do to protect the victims. Illinois laws and our legal system requires proof, which can be difficult to obtain. Collecting such evidence is very time consuming and, due to law enforcement’s limited resources and policies, the necessary work is often not performed. Consequently, the police cannot always offer their full services to the many victims of stalking. This is where Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can help!

The private investigators at Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. are licensed and authorized by law to engage in a stalking investigation. We are able to gather the evidence the law requires in order to protect stalking victims.

If you have reason to believe that you are a victim of stalking, you should act fast in order to protect yourself. While you should always reach out to law enforcement if you believe a crime has been committed, do not hesitate to contact the private investigators at Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. Call us today at (847) 795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact form on our website’s contact us page.