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Surveillance Tools of The Trade

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, we have the tools to help track and catch a cheating spouse and provide you information that you can use to help protect yourself in the future.

Consider our portable GSM GPS system that uses a standard GSM cellular sim card that will provide us the exact coordinates of the suspect’s whereabouts. When the unit detects movement, it will connect and upload the coordinates of the current position. This can occur numerous times per minute depending on how fast the suspect is traveling. During the course of our investigation, we can collect detailed information about there exact movements.

Installation is simple, the device can be magnetically attached to any vehicle which make discovery of the device near impossible. As the cheating spouse moves the GPS unit is constantly receiving those signals and updating their exact locations to our server. Now, you do not need to second guess or question as to where your spouse has been or is going. Our skilled investigator here at will help guide you through the process, we are here for you and you can count on our unparalleled professionalism and discretion.

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