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Background Checks: Suspicious? Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can look into the background of any individual you are thinking of hiring or corporation you are reconsidering doing business with. We also handle investigations of individuals, for instance, in the case of dating relationships or marriage/divorce.

Stalker Investigation and Prevention. A stalker is an individual who illegally follows and watches someone over a period of time. Stalking is a very serious problem that can have a negative effect on a person’s mental well-being and sense of security. Stalkers may spy on, harass and even intimidate their victims.

Birth Parents/Adoption: Adoption records are becoming much more accessible, especially to private detective agencies like Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. If you want to find your birth parents or a child you gave up for adoption, contact us.

Civil and Criminal Record Checks: Most civil and criminal records are publicly accessible but understanding them requires trained investigators. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. will do a thorough search of court records in any relevant jurisdiction and, most importantly, interpret their meaning

Corporate Investigations: Businesses are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats including theft, fraud, leaks of confidential information, whistle blowers and other suspicious activity. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. specializes in tracking down the truth in the most efficient way, whether that is by surveillance, undercover operations or background checks.

Child Custody: Divorce can often result in a bitter child custody battle but the welfare of the child should always be of paramount importance. When parents are divorcing, they often need accurate and reliable information on how the other parent is handling his or her parental responsibilities. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. will provide the information you need for peace of mind. Our reports are also admissible in court under most circumstances.

Infidelity: Whether you suspect a cheating husband, cheating wife, or problems with any significant other, we can uncover the truth. If you need to be sure before you act, Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can find out the truth. Regular surveillance, timed to have the highest probability of discovering what is going on, will most often uncover what is going on, if anything.

Insurance Fraud: Find out whether employees or insured clients really have a claim. Fraudulent claims add millions to the cost of insurance. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. will track your claimants to ensure that you are paying only for legitimate injuries.

Leaks: Employees who share sensitive corporate information with others can cost your company millions of dollars. Whether they do it for profit or altruism, leakers can be tracked down by Lakefront Investigations, Ltd.

Legal Services: Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. is experienced in a wide range of services for the legal community from divorce investigations to civil and criminal trial work. From preparation to discovery and through trial, our private investigators can uncover the information you need to build your strongest case. We are also qualified to testify as expert witnesses.

Missing Persons: It is possible to trace almost any missing person if you know how. This is especially true of older missing children and runaways and other cases where law enforcement lacks the manpower to get involved. Let Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. find the person who is missing from your life

Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM): At Lakefront we are dedicated to the discovery of eavesdropping, electronic surveillance, and electronic espionage. We work in personal, corporate and industrial settings throughout the greater Chicago area and around the country through our professional networks of carefully selected affiliates. Our personnel have conducted electronic countermeasures for nearly a decade and have both the equipment and experience to provide high level defense against this type of threat. TSCM measures are necessary to protect people, process and technology. Increasingly, companies are preparing for threats of competitive intelligence and trade secret theft. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is a large step in the direction of increased corporate security

Residency Investigations: School districts and taxpayers are the primary beneficiaries of careful residency checks on children who may not live in the district. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can save your district, other governmental body, or business thousands of dollars by making sure that only those who qualify for services actually receive them.

Stalking: Nothing is more frightening than being stalked by a stranger or acquaintance. We will identify individuals who might be stalking you and document incidents of law-breaking so that the police can become involved.

Suspicious Activity: on the job Sometimes you just know that something isn’t right at your business. Your employees maybe taking advantage of you. Undercover or surveillance techniques by Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. often over a very cost-effective (short) period, can unravel the mystery and identify those responsible.

Theft and Shrinkage: Products “walkout” of American businesses every day. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can help you prevent the bulk of those employee and customer thefts by pinpointing the cause. We will document the incidents for law enforcement and help you with ideas for preventing future losses.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud: Compensation for real injuries on the job is a necessary cost of doing business. But the prospect of compensation is often too tempting for some employees to resist. And if you don’t put a stop to it, you could soon face a rash of bogus claims. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. specializes in tracking down worker’s compensation fraud whenever it arises.

Corporate Surveillance ServicesLakefront Investigations, Ltd. provides corporate surveillance services to businesses in Chicago and the Chicagoland area in order to safeguard your assets from theft and corporate espionage. Being one of the leading private investigations firms in Chicago, we offer a full range of corporate security services including security risk assessment and asset protection.

Skip Traces: In addition to missing persons searches, Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. provides skip traces for people in Chicago, the Chicagoland area, as well as the State of Illinois and nationwide.

Legal Investigations: Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. is a professional investigative agency. As legal investigators, we take pride in providing professional and ethical investigative services for attorneys and law firms in Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois.

Surveillance Services: Do you have an unconfirmed suspicion about somebody? It’s time to get a clear answer once and for all by engaging private investigator surveillance services from Lakefront Investigations, Ltd.