Insurance Fraud Investigations

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. provides insurance fraud investigation services to help clients determine if their employees or insured clients really do have a valid insurance claim. Fraudulent claims add millions of dollars to the cost of insurance. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. will track your claimants to ensure that you are only paying for legitimate injuries.

At Lakefront Investigations, Ltd., we understand the value of being in possession of all the relevant facts when making a decision on an insurance claim. Nowadays, fraudulent insurance claims have become increasingly complex and, as a result, are now much more difficult to detect. Therefore, it is imperative that insurance companies have the ability to fully investigate all claims and identify all instances of attempted insurance fraud to protect themselves and all their policyholders.

Hiring an experienced private investigator skilled in insurance fraud investigations is an important step in ensuring that all complex claims are investigated thoroughly. Our investigators will provide you with all pertinent information in an accurate, discrete, and timely manner. Hiring a private investigator with the right staff and right experience is just a phone call away.

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. offers a full range of insurance fraud investigations, including:

Claimants surveillance
Workers compensation investigations
Background checks
Witness location
Witnesses interviews
Accident investigations
And more!

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. is one of the top investigative agencies in Illinois. We give every case we investigate the attention it deserves, investigating it from multiple angles to make ensure that nothing is overlooked. If you choose Lakefront Investigations, Ltd., you can rest assured that your insurance investigation will be conducted in a thorough and professional manner.

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. offers professional insurance fraud investigations to businesses and insurance companies in Chicago and throughout the surrounding areas in Illinois. Let us review a claim to determine if it’s fraudulent. Please call us at 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.