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Nowadays, there’s no more calling on the phone and asking for a date. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll receive a text message.

Online dating has become the second most common way for couples to meet. Over an estimated 120,000 marriages start online per year. So why is this concerning?

In some respects, it’s great. You have plenty of people to choose from: all shapes, sizes and with diversified interests. On the other hand, meeting people online can potentially open you up to nightmarish situations. These people are strangers and lots of bad things can happen. So how do you minimize the risk?

It’s incredibly important to know whom you are going to meet before you have that first face-to-face meeting. The easiest way is to have a professional private investigator run a background search. They are reasonably priced but well worth the investment. A background search usually covers the last 20 years of a person’s life. It can tell you about the person’s family, job, civil ligations, liens, judgments, criminal record and a lot more.

Additionally, an investigator will search for a person’s cyber footprint and discover whether or not your potential date has a history of embellishing or fabricating the truth. Stalkers may not have a criminal record but are very dangerous. Everyone has baggage. Some have a fanny pack and others a steamer trunk. Aren’t you worth the expense? Our investigators have many years of experience in finding out the truth about people. We can provide you with a complete profile about a potential partner to aide you in what may very well be the most important decision of your life.

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