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Reasons for Surveillance by Private Investigators

When private persons or organizations contact private investigation agencies, they often require surveillance services. Here are some common reasons they might need a private investigator to surveil others on their behalf:

Cheating spouses – if a person has a suspicion that their spouse or life partner is being unfaithful and want to know for sure if their wife or husband is cheating on them.

Divorce proceedings – infidelity in marriage often leads to divorce, which can result in a bitter battle during mediation or in the family law court. Evidence gathered during surveillance may be used in support of the hurt side’s argument.

Child custody matters – surveillance is often a part of child custody investigations which aim to ensure that the child is safe and has a stable living environment.

Business partners – before starting a new venture a business person may want to make sure their new business partner is trustworthy. Alternately, if a party in a business venture suspects their business partner is not honest with them, they may want to retain services of a private investigations agency.

Corporate safety – businesses are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats including theft, fraud, leaks of confidential information. Surveillance by an experienced private investigator can help uncover and stop those threats.

Shrinkage in theft in corporations – Products “walkout” of American businesses every day. Surveillance can help prevent the bulk of those employee and customer thefts by pinpointing the cause.

Evidence for litigation – information gathered during surveillance may prove to be of big help in winning a lawsuit.

Criminal investigation – surveillance services may be be used for gathering evidence in a criminal investigation.

Personal safety – last but not least, a person may want to retain a private investigator’s surveillance services for personal safety reasons, such as stalker investigation and prevention or for counter surveillance, such as discovery of eavesdropping, electronic surveillance, and electronic espionage.

Do you have an unconfirmed suspicion about somebody? It’s time to get a clear answer once and for all by engaging private investigator surveillance services from Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. If you are in need of professional surveillance services in Chicago or the State of Illinois, please contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. by calling 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.

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