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Determining the Type of Background Search for Your Needs is Imperative.

At Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. people often contact us when they need to run a background check. Many people don’t realize that there are different types of background checks. Here are some examples that are included in our comprehensive background search:

People search – finding information, such as a person’s full legal name, phone number, past and present addresses.

Email lookup – finding out a person’s email address.

Social media search – analyzing a person’s social media footprint.

Property records – determining the owner of property.

Date of Birth – finding and verifying the date of birth.

Associates of subject – determining with whom the subject is associated.

Neighbors of subject – who are the person’s neighbors?

Address history – where do they live currently and where did they live previously?

Phone numbers – checking out their past and present phone numbers.

Bankruptcies – bankruptcy filings

Liens – are there any liens against the subject?

Judgments – did the person ever have any judgments imposed against them?

Corporate affiliations – do they own, work at or do business with any corporations? If so, which ones?

Criminal/traffic records – finding out a person’s criminal record and a history of traffic tickets.

Global watch list – are they wanted in other countries?

Possible employers – determining present and past employers.

Possible photos – finding out if there are any photos of the subject available.

Vehicle information – do they have a vehicle registered in their name?

License plate info – info about their cars’ license plates.

Hunting and weapons permit – do they have any hunting permits or a license to carry?

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can look into the background of any individual you are thinking of hiring or corporation you are considering doing business with. We also handle investigations of individuals, for instance, in the case of dating relationships or marriage/divorce. If you need to run a background check on somebody, please contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. by calling 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.

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