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Criminal Merchandise Overbuy Scams

In today’s day and age, scandalous people are everywhere and trying to take advantage of you for profit. A new type of scam is very sophisticated and aims to obtain large amounts of merchandise without paying for them.

To obtain all the merchandise the criminals will first create a bogus company using fake credentials . They will then order merchandise from a few suppliers and then proceed to pay promptly. As time goes on, they use credit references for larger orders and no longer pay for the items. If your company has been the victim of the fraudulent actions of a bogus company, we can help you recover your losses. These hit and run scams are illegal and we can help you get the information you need to prosecute the criminals. At we have a team of private investigators that will get you fast, accurate and affordable results. Let us track down the guilty party, please contact one of our private investigators at (847) 795-1900.

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