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Am I Being Stalked?

So you are in a relationship and for whatever reason you decide you are no longer interested. After breaking it off, it should just be over right? Not always!

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation of uneasiness, scared for you life, harassed and basically just feeling like prey.

Chances are you are being stalked. Here are a few signs of stalking behavior:

  • Someone calling, emailing or texting incessantly.
  • Showing up at your office,home or when you are out in public, unexpectedly.
  • Someone that loves you “too much”.
  • Someone that monitors your phone records or computer history.
  • Has anger issues, whether verbal or physical.
  • He/she won’t take no for an answer
  • Makes threats to hurt him/herself.
  • Makes threats to hurt you.

If any of this sounds familiar, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Make sure that you report it and take the necessary actions to keep yourself safe.

There is no reasoning with a stalker so the only thing you should say is “NO”, once, and walk away. Never engage your stalker and never give him/her a reason to be encouraged.

There are several different types of stalkers. Below are some of the more common types:

  • Rejected Stalkers – these are people who have been in some type of relationship with you. Whether it’s as a friend or a romantic partner, they are not willing to let go even though you have expressed your desire to end it. They are seeking revenge or to make your life difficult because since they can’t have you, they don’t want anyone else too either.
  • Predators – these are people who will stalk you as prey. Usually they are looking for some type of sexual encounter. They are looking for total power over their victim.
  • Resentful Stalkers – these are people who are angry and feel the need to get back at you. They are revenge seekers. They feel that you have wronged them in some way and are trying to punish their victim.
  • Love obsessed stalkers – these are people that fixate on their victims but have had no intimate relationship with them. They believe that they are already in a relationship with the victim and need not to be encouraged in any way. Any positive or negative attention will be perceived as encouragement.

There are several other types of stalkers. As private investigators at Lakefront Investigations, Ltd., we are very experienced in handling cases for our clients involving stalking. We have also been very successful in turning them in to the proper authorities.

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