Chicago and Illinois Surveillance Services

Do you have an unconfirmed suspicion about somebody? It’s time to get a clear answer once and for all by engaging private investigator surveillance services from Lakefront Investigations, Ltd.

Surveillance is an act of covert observation and monitoring (in both physical and electronic forms) of a person, place, or a vehicle carried out by a trained professional. This includes the preparation of detailed written reports, as well as photo, audio, and video evidence.

Reasons for Surveillance

There are multiple reason you may want to hire a private investigator to engage in surveillance activities including legal investigations, suspected criminal activity, corporate investigations, cheating spouse or partner, and child custody cases.

Why Choose Lakefront Investigations, Ltd.?

Our private investigators and private detective have decades of combined surveillance experience. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. works only with the best in the business including former FBI agents, former police officers, and highly trained technicians.

Because we have a team of career investigators, our experienced ensures top-tier professionalism during any necessary legal proceedings. Our team is composed of highly trained and licensed PI’s who supplement their years of training and experience in conducting surveillance operations with the use of latest technology, including GPS tracking and other electronic surveillance measures.

Cheating Spouses / Partners

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is unfaithful, having an affair, or acting in a suspicious and deceitful manner? Do you have doubts? Finding out that your significant other is cheating on you can be unbearable, but not knowing can be equally as painful. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can provide you with the answers you deserve.

Corporate Surveillance Services

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. provides corporate surveillance services to businesses in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Our team can help safeguard your assets from theft and corporate espionage. As one of the leading private investigation firms in Chicago, we offer a full range of corporate security services including security risk assessment and asset protection.

Contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. for Illinois Surveillance Services

If you are in need of professional surveillance services in Chicago or the State of Illinois, please contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. by calling 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.