Chicago Background Checks

Background Checks: Suspicious? Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can look into the background of any individual you are thinking of hiring or corporation with whom you are considering doing business. We also handle investigations of individuals, for instance, in the case of dating relationships or marriage/divorce.

Providing You With All The Facts You Need

How can you make an educated decision when hiring a new employee, finding a new nanny to look after your young ones, entering a new relationship, or renting your property to a new tenant without having relevant information about a person’s past? Basing your decision on their resume or recommendation letters they provide you with doesn’t paint the whole picture – you are trusting that the information they provide you with is accurate and that they didn’t leave anything out, but what if they did?

Online vs. Real Background Checks

The Internet is full of websites offering background checks, however free or cheap online background check services are not comprehensive and do not perform full background investigations. Online background checks will often have out-of-date data and miss important details that you need to know in order to make the right decision.

What Does Lakefront Investigations, Ltd Include In Their Background Checks?

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. provides professional and comprehensive background checks, which include the following information:

Date of birth verification
Alias names as well as maiden names
Address history with their summary Information going back 20 years
Record lookup in the Nationwide Criminal Records database
Search for inclusion in any sex offender registry
Owned property search
Voter registration lookup
Permits issued for hunting and fishing
List of professional licenses issued and revoked
Search for family members and known associates
Verification of Social Security Numbers (SSN)
Identification of any other persons living with the subject
Landline and mobile phone numbers
Email addresses
Nationwide Criminal Profile (Includes State & Nationwide Criminal Databases, National Warrant Databases, Department of Correction Records, Nationwide Sex Offender Check)
List of property transactions
Civil judgments against the subject
Tax liens imposed
Vehicles registered to the subject in available states
Driver’s license information in available states

Contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. offers professional background search services to residents and businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas in Illinois. If you need to run a background check on somebody, please call us at 847-795 1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.